phanny ★ (ayumu303) wrote,
phanny ★

YO! you're here!

☆ ★ character 】owns my heart, and【 claimer's nameowns his/hereverything.

☆ Each claim may have 3 claimers. That's that.
☆ Each user can only claim twice. [I gave chance to people who have more than one chara to claim]
☆ First come, first serve. I don't accept actors neither actresses. BACK OFF DRAMATIST
☆ the subject will be "MOVE OUT. I BITE". if I don't see that as your subject, I'll ignore you. sry
☆ there are no TYL! characters for a moment.
☆ take the code only if I approved of your request.
☆ I don't usually check my LJ everyday, so patience you guys.
☆ RULES ARE RULES. if you won't follow, sorry my dear.
☆ type the name of the chara. `kay?
☆ claiming section is HERE.

Vongola Ring Holders: 
Tsunayoshi Sawada → emi_a89 | aerialite 
Hayato Gokudera → dita_lov | areeth |unsugared 
Takeshi Yamamoto → ranchou | wushuhimexx |danybel 
Lambo → video_game 
Ryohei Sasagawa → areeth | doctor_extreme 
Kyoya Hibari → lyricalwishes |illusioncandy |hibari_rikuo 
Mukuro Rokudo → chainedlark |ranchou |acommoncrisis 
Chrome Dokuro →

Xanxus → didip | thecursedtwins |aya_soran 
Superbia Squalo → chainedlark 
Lussuria → 
Leviathan →
Belphegor → rainxlikexstars |acommoncrisis |asa_kuroi13 
Mammon → 
Gola Moska → 

Iemitsu Sawada → 
Basil → nevermeltice |coldstofcalndrs 

Kokuyo Gang:
Chikusa Kakimoto → 
Ken Jashima → 
Lancia → 
Jiji → 
Didi → 
M.M →
Birds → 

Kyoko Sasagawa → 
Hana Kurokawa → 
Haru Miura → 
Bianchi → 
I-Pin → 
Nana Sawada → 
Dr. Shamal → 
Futa → wushuhimexx |illusioncandy |aerialite 
Dino → nevermeltice |aya_soran |istrill 
Tags: blog crew

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